Matchup Monday: Breakdown

How it works

Matchup Monday is just like any all star match; we pair up two studs that wrestling fans would love to see battle it out…except with a slight twist. Instead of them actually wrestling to determine a winner, the outcome is decided by whoever receives the most votes…okay, so it’s not like any other all star match at all, but there is still a winner and a loser so that counts for something.

The matchups can range between two current wrestlers, two wrestlers from the past, or even the past versus present. While we might not get to see many of these matches go down in real life, a heated debate over who would win is the next the next best thing.

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  • Bout #14: Now Wrestling
  • Bout #13: Ruth dec. Jones
  • Bout #12: Schlatter dec. Tsirtsis
  • Bout #11: Dake dec. Martinez
  • Bout #10: Penn State dec. Iowa
  • Bout #9: Ashnault dec. Clagon
  • Bout #8: Dubuque dec. Delgado
  • Bout #7: Oliver dec. Esposito
  • photo of bout #6 matchupBout #6: Hahn dec. Dean
  • matchup monday preview photoBout #4: Douglas dec. Green 34-14
  • photo of matchupBout #3: Rey dec. Lesnar 191-133
  • matchup monday preveiwBout #2 Mcllravy dec. Metcalf 130-79
  • Bout #1: Burroughs dec. Kemp 92-90

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