Matchup Monday: Bout #8

NCAA Division 1 National Final Matchup

Result: Dubuque dec. Delgado 207-16

I guess you could say he called this one…

facebook post from Joe Dubuque

bout #8


This may be the closet Matchup Monday since Bout #1 between Jordan Burroughs and Lee Kemp. We have 2x NCAA Champion and 3x all-american Joe Dubuque out of Indiana taking on another 2x NCAA Champion and 3x all-american, Jesse Delgado of Illinois, who may have very well been a 3 timer had it not been for a shoulder injury his senior year. Back in 2005 Dubuque defeated Kyle Ott off Illinois to take home his first national title, whereas Delgado edged  Nico Megaludis of Penn State 7-4, in his first trip to the NCAA finals. Both wrestlers however, took out opponents from the Big Red of Cornell to win their second national titles. 

2006 NCAA Division 1 National Finals 125 lbs:
Dubuque dec. Nickerson 8-3

2014 NCAA Division 1 National Finals 125 lbs:
Delgado dec. Garret 3-1

While the fans weren’t exactly on the edge of their seats in the 2006 NCAA final at 125 lbs due to the dominance on behalf of Dubuque, the 2014 NCAA final at 125 lbs was a little bit different. If you aren’t familiar with the rivalry between Delgado and Garret you are in for a treat with this video, because these two just go at it with non-stop scoreless scrambles from start to finish. Needless to say this match was certainly worth the price of admission in itself.

Dubuque and Delgado obviously had very similar very successful careers, but the question is if these two champions toed the line across from each other in the NCAA Finals, does the New Jersey native that is Joe Dubuque take home another gold or does Jesse Delgado get revenge for fellow Illinois alum Kyle Ott by taking out Dubuque? Let’s see what the fans think!

Please clear the mats! Viewers when you are ready you may cast your votes.

The winner will be announced this Friday. Follow us on twitter to stay up to date on who is in the lead throughout the week.

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