Matchup Monday: Bout #3

NCAA Division 1 National FInals Matchup

Result: Rey dec. Lesnar 191-133 (votes)

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Make room for the big fellas! In bout #3 of Matchup Monday Lehigh’s Zach Rey will be taking on Minnesota’s Brock Lesnar. Anyone who says heavyweights aren’t fun to watch has clearly never seen these two monsters in action. Zach Rey is a 3x Division 1 all-american, 2x national finalist (3rd, 1st, 2nd), and was the 2011 NCAA Division 1 National Champion at heavyweight. Brock Lesnar began wreaking havoc at the Division 1 level when he joined the Minnesota Gophers in his junior year of college. Lesnar certainly made the most of his two seasons with Gophers by reaching the national finals twice. After taking second place as a junior, he finished his collegiate career as the 2000 NCAA Division 1 National Champion in his senior year at heavyweight.

NCAA D1 National Final Hwt: Lesnar vs Rey

NCAA D1 National Final Hwt: Lesnar vs Rey

After college Brock Lesnar may have went on to pursue careers in both the WWE and UFC, whereas Zach Rey still competes internationally for Team U.S.A, but none of that matter in this Matchup Monday, because the voters will be deciding who would win if Lesnar and Rey were to cross paths during their college days in the NCAA Division 1 national finals.

What would happen if the 530 pounds of solid muscle that is Brock Lesnar and Zach Rey collided in the center of the mat? It’s time to find out.  

Zach Rey made his opinion on the Matchup very clear!


Please clear the mats! Voters when you are ready you may cast your votes.

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