Matchup Monday: Bout #2

NCAA Division 1 National FInals Matchup

Result: Mcllravy dec. Metcalf 130-79 (votes)

Recap: Both wrestlers were neck and neck after the first period, but it was all down hill after that. Metcalf received his fair share of votes, but he just couldn’t find a way to slow his opponent down. Once the second period started Mcllravy continued to swarm Metalf with vote after vote until the very end, and it got ugly to say the least.



Former Iowa Hawkeye Brent Metcalf takes on another former Iowa Great, Lincoln Mcllravy in Bout #2 of Matchup Monday (Sponsored by Matguard USA). Both wrestlers combined have mentally broken more opponents than the Airdyne bikes used in Tom Brand’s conditioning work outs. Metcalf won his last NCAA title as a senior in 2010 whereas Mcclravy won his last title as a senior in 1997.

matchup #2 FINAL

So, the question is if these two  were to wrestle each other in the NCAA Finals of their senior years who wins the gold? Do you even decide this match with standard rules and regulations; or do you take the clock and the ref out of the picture, and just let them battle it out till the death? Although they would probably be game for either or, we will go with standard rules and regulations.

bout #2

NCAA Final 149 lbs: Metcalf vs Mcllravy

Please clear the mats! Viewers when you are ready you may cast your votes.

The winner will be announced this Friday. Follow us on twitter to stay up to date on who is in the lead throughout the week.

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Past results:

Bout #1: Burroughs dec. Kemp 92-90

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