Matchup Monday: Bout #14

NCAA Division 1 Matchup

matchup monday bout #14


It’s time for another Matchup Monday! In Matchup Monday Bout #2 many people thought Metcalf and Mcllravy were pretty much the same person making it difficult to vote for a winner, but this Matchup (bout #14) has two wrestlers who are even more alike. We have Rutgers associate head coach and former Wisconsin Badger, Donny Pritzlaff taking on the Oklahoma Sooners assistant coach and also former Wisconsin Badger, Andrew Howe. If you are not familiar with how these two wrestle just put it this way, you have a better chance of successfully climbing Mt. Everest in shorts and a t-shirt than making it through a group of three live wrestling with Prtitzlaff and Howe. Between the two of them they have 8 all-american finishes, three national titles, and 257 wins in their collegiate careers. 

Pritzlaff captured all-american honors all four years at Wisconsin and won two NCAA titles. After placing placing 5th as a freshman at 150 lbs in 1998, he moved up to 165 and took 5th once again as a sophomore. Pritzlaff would stay at 165 pounds for the remainder of his career, and defeated Joe Heskett of Iowa State back to back years as a Junior and again as a senior in the NCAA finals to become a 2x national champion for the Badgers.


Howe was also a a 4x all american with his lowest finish at the NCAA tournament being third place. Even he was a 3x national finalist he only won the NCAA tournament in 2010 as a Sophomore by defeating Dan Vallimont of Penn State for the third time that season. Although Howe competed for Wisconsin  for the first three seasons of his collegiate career he joined the Oklahoma Sooners for his senior season where he would cap off an extremely impressive career with yet another 2nd place finish at the NCAA tournament, this time at 174 lbs. 


So we have two specimens that only know one speed, go. But the question is if these two were to brawl it out in their college days who stops who? It’s time to find out what the fans think!

Please clear the mats! Viewers when you are ready you may cast your votes!

Start the discussion-Let us know who you voted for and why!

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