Matchup Monday: Bout #1

Who wins if both competitors were to wrestle each other in their prime? At Matchup Monday we let the  voters decide.

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Winner: Burroughs dec. Kemp 92-90 (votes)

Recap: Lee Kemp came out of the gates hot and took an early lead over Burroughs, but JB didn’t take long to respond with some votes of his own. After the first period Burroughs pulled ahead of Kemp by just two votes (81-79)! Burroughs went on to beat Kemp 92-90 in what was a back and forth barn burner of our first ever Matchup Monday


With the World Championships just weeks away, Wrestling Reality is going to kick off Matchup Monday (sponsored by Matguard USA) with a Past Vs. Present Matchup at the international level in the Men’s Freestyle 74 kg weight class.

Making his first Matchup Monday debut is Lee Kemp-a 3X World Champion, 4X Fila World Cup Champion, 2x….actually I’m going to stop there! Naming all of Lee Kemp’s accomplishments would take longer than a poorly run youth wrestling tournament. He is simply a legend in the sport of wrestling; he even beat Dan Gable! Despite winning every wrestling tournament on the planet multiple times, he never won an Olympic Gold Medal even though he was a heavy favorite. For Kemp it wasn’t a matter of mental toughness that kept him from making this dream come true, nor was it his ability; in 1980 it was the U.S boycott of the Olympic Games that prevented him from pursuing his goal of becoming an Olympic Champion.

Fortunately, for Kemp Wrestling Reality is now giving him the opportunity 35 years later to prove that he was and always will be #1. A win in the very Prestigious (aka first ever) Matchup Monday could very well be his biggest accomplishment to date, but he has a tough road ahead, considering his opponent is a wrestler who needs no introduction….but we’re going to give him one anyway…

Although it has not been proven, he is rumored to be the real life batman- he is 2x World Champion, 4x World Cup Champion, and last but not least Olympic gold medalist. He is a man of many nick names including The White Mamba, All I See is Gold, Mr. October…wait that last one’s not right. But anyway, without further ado, The People’s Champ- Jordan Burroughs! Could this match possibly go into over-time? Only time will tell.

Please clear the mats! Viewers when you are ready you may cast your votes.

Does Kemp defeat Burroughs?

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The winner will be announced this Friday. Follow us on twitter to stay up to date on who is in the lead throughout the week.

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Let us know who you voted for and how you think the match would play out.


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