About Me

Welcome to Wrestling Reality, your source of wrestling education and entertainment. Every post, page, and feature is focused on embracing the wrestling lifestyle and building a stronger Wrestling Community -Usually with some added humor, because as much as we all love the intensity of the sport sometimes you have to take a step back and laugh at the crazy lifestyle we’ve chosen to live in the wrestling world.

I am a former division 1 wrestler for Rutgers University where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and received the 2014 scholar athlete award. After 17 years of competing I now coach youth and high school wrestlers looking to compete and win at the highest levels of wrestling.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on the “wrestling reality” that I have to come to know, and my mission is to help members of the wrestling Community get the most out of their journey through the wrestling world. To that end I write about the wrestling lifestyle from every aspect as well approaches, strategies, and tactics that have personally worked and also not worked for me during my career as a wrestler. I will also talk about the experiences of other members of the Wrestling Community including successful wrestlers, teammates, and coaches that I have known over the years and will share valuable insights from their stories as well.

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“There is nothing more intense than the moment you leave your teammates behind you on the bench and meet your opponent in the center ofthe mat to prove your dominance ” -Dan Seidenberg

I intend to write insightful yet entertaining content that guides wrestlers and wrestling fans alike through what I refer to as the  “wrestling reality”. So what exactly do I mean by “wrestling reality”?

Well, I started wrestling when I was six years old. Throughout my career I have competed at the highest levels, traveled all over the country, won hundreds of trophies and awards, broke school, state, and regional records. On the other hand, there is always a winner, there is always a loser; and I too have lost my fair share of big matches on the main stage-All while learning invaluable lessons and establishing close bonds with all different members of the Wrestling Community throughout the United States.

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After competing at all levels from youth to division 1 wrestling, my career has given me the ability to deliver an often much needed reality check to help the wrestler succeed, and more importantly  help all members of the wrestling community reap the full benefits of everything the wrestling world has to offer.

My goal is to help you embrace, understand, and leverage every component of the wrestling lifestyle to attract success both on off the mat. In efforts to achieve that goal Wrestling Reality gives you a behind the scenes look at every aspect of the wrestling world as well as how to approach each situation that members of the wrestling community often find themselves in. So, if your life revolves around wrestling and you want to make the most out of your time in the wrestling world this blog is right for you.