5 Signs Of A True Wrestling Mom

Wrestling moms are among the toughest yet most loving moms out there, and as a result they consistently breed champions not just in wrestling, but in life. In the wilderness when you see a cub the mother bear is usually nearby ready to pounce. In  the wrestling world when a mother’s child is on the mat that is her cub, she is usually nearby and yes, she is always ready to pounce.

So how do you know if your mom is a true wrestling mom? It’s pretty obvious, just look for the telltale signs.

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5. She apparently thinks you won’t make weight without her nutritional guidance

If your mom is always questioning your weight every time you open the pantry there’s a good chance she’s a true wrestling mom. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hear my mom say “should you be eating that?” when I’m cutting weight. You have a better chance of sneaking into area 51 than getting a snack past a true wrestling mom…trust me I’ve tried many times.


4. When you wrestle poorly it’s not your coach you’re worried about it’s your mom that you’re scared of.

Usually your mom is the one who always coddles you and says did a good job even if you didn’t, but not a true wrestling mom. She may be the sweetest woman in the world, but when it comes your match performance a wrestling mom gives it to you straight. She doesn’t get mad at you for losing; she just wants to slap you around when you don’t wrestle your hardest and she makes those feelings very, very clear.

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3. Insert Facebook rant about your accomplishments here

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Yes, your mom is the first one to remind you how bad you wrestled before you even got a chance to stop sweating, but she only does is it out of love, because she is also your number one supporter. Whether you beat a first year wrestler or the undefeated national champ you can always count on a wrestling mom (okay, this one may be all moms in general) to put up a Facebook status to let everyone know how good of a wrestler you are.

2. She performs a skin check on you every chance she gets

Ever since your first time getting ringworm when you were 6 years old at a youth rec practice, your mom has been convinced that every little scratch, pimple, or freckle is some type of skin funk and immediately starts rubbing some random cream on it. It may be extremely annoying, but she is just looking out for your best interest. Your mom wants to see you wrestle so just let her do her thing, because failing skin check will make her angry…you won’t like her when she’s angry…Do yourself and your mom a favor and get your hands on some matguard products to effectively prevent these skin diseases. Oh and don’t forget to use coupon code wrestlingmom at checkout to get 10% off your order.

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1.  Remember when you are wrestling she is the mother bear and you are her cub; so you will hear her roar at every match

I think it is important to note the unwritten rule here that you cannot judge a person by how they behave at a wrestling match. With that being said the easiest way to spot a wrestling mom is how she behaves when you are wrestling. Again, your mother loves to see you win and hates to see you lose; meaning wrestling brings out the intensity in her. A wrestling mom will verbally abuse the ref, throw her hands in the air, yell at you to get your head off the mat, squeeze the person next to her, and frantically pace back and forth until the match is over…even if you’re winning 13-0.

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So there you have it, if your mom fits the description of these telltale signs chances are she is a true wrestling mom. This is a very prestigious label to have and something to be proud of so make sure you share this information with her.

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We all know some true wrestling moms that come to mind, what other characteristics do they usually have?

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